Adventure Time

I hadn't seen any Adventure Time episodes prior to starting on this collection. I quickly binged a few to understand what it was about and found it pretty enjoyable. While I didn't get through them all, I do intend to eventually go back and tick that box. My focus for this collection was to create some hero pieces for the most popular characters.

Princess Bubblegum

All over character prints were a popular item in previous license releases and Cartoon Network supplied us with a healthy array of source material to draw on.



So despite being one of the two main characters the Jake skater dress was definitely not as popular as Princess Bubblegum skater dress. Now Princess Bubblegum is a fan favourite character but a bigger issue for Jake was probably that yellow garments always under performed for us.



I built this ensemble piece to get as many characters from the show in a single chest piece.  


Images: Black Milk Clothing