Bondi Labs

Is an Australian technology company that works empowers businesses with data and services through bleeding edge software and hardware. While working at Bondi Labs my focus has been split between design (UI, UX and systems), production (scheduling and co-ordination), and client engagement (presentations, reviews and testing). Below is a small selection of the projects I have worked on while at Bondi Labs.

Patient Simulator

This patient simulator was designed to help introduce nurses and health practitioners to diseases and ailments that they would not likely see in metropolitan areas. The patients in this tool can either be healthy or present different types of ailments and need to be diagnosed and treated correctly. Users are graded on their performance and can practice as much as they want on their desktop, laptop or iPad. Thus when they are sent to rural areas they have spent time dealing with these conditions and can respond quickly with accuracy.

Engineering Foundations

This project was developed with and for the University of the Sunshine Coast. The university had highlighted that within their engineering student cohort, the mid and lower performing students had trouble with a few key concepts. We developed a training program that stepped them through the theory and math needed to overcome these scenarios. The feedback from students has been very positive, particularly within the initial group that struggled.

Medherence (Prototype)

This project was developed with Swinburne University and aimed to assist patients with their adherence to prescribed medication. Through push notifications patients were reminded on their phone that they would soon need to take their medication. Once taken they needed to confirm they had adhered to their plan otherwise the system would consider it missed. On the back end nurses could see this progress and track medication adherence across a large patient cohort. At the same time symptoms were tracked which could be compared against the other data being recorded.