Working on a licensed Disney collection was a huge amount of fun. Almost everyone has great childhood memories of watching Disney shows and movies so we aimed to tap into that nostalgia while putting a Black Milk angle on everything.

Minnie The Sharkie

I wanted to create a t-shirt with a large popular character and noticed that Minnie Mouse's dress is very similar in shape to Black Milk's "skater dress". So I took the purple galaxy design which is one of Black Milk's most popular and swapped it into her outfit. Given Black Milk fans refer to themselves as "Sharkies" it made sense that Minnie had joined the club now she had donned a BM staple. 


100 Acres (Crop and Skirt)

Winnie the Pooh was a favourite show of mine as a kid. My family has an old Winnie the Pooh hard bound book from the sixties that included some of these old illustrations. Additionally map based designs, and this is a map of the 100 acre wood where Pooh lives, typically sold well for Black Milk.



Pooh And Friends
(Scalloped Shorts)

A cute yardage of different Poohs, Eeyores and Tiggers that worked well as a statement piece from afar and then revealed its sweet heart up close.


Big Bad Pete (Jersey)

With the development team adding an NFL inspired jersey to the mix it became a staple unisex product in any release. In hindisght I wish I had instead pushed for a Mickey design with this one but instead I ended up using Big Bad Pete. I still think the concept works but Big Bad Pete isn't popular enough and Mickey was the hero of Steamboat Willie.



Big Bad Wolf (T-shirt)

This was a simple screenprint but it was made difficult by the fact that the t-shirt wasn't cotton. Black Milk almost purely sold nylon based products and this shirt was no exception. It was a challenge for the printing team to accomodate the unique qualities of the synthetic fabric.


Images: Black Milk Clothing