Personal Challenge: Re-branding Halfbrick

Recently I gave myself a personal weekend challenge. I imagined the game studio Halfbrick was in dire need for a change of brand and needed options quick. Given a deadline of 8 hours, what could I achieve? Below are the results.

1. Evolution

This concept evolves the existing mark by using HelveticaNeue as the typeface and dropping the all caps styling for sentence case. The results are increased legibility and a step away from the start-up image. The brick icon is replaced with a retro "8-bit" version to reference the company's tech based entertainment products. 

2. 'H' Ninja

Fruit Ninja launched Halfbrick into the spotlight and made it a household name. This concept draws on the slicing gameplay in Fruit Ninja to connect the brick icon with the company name. While the logo is certainly a more corporate solution, the haphazard placement of the fallen brick next to the name offers many scenarios for playful animations during game start sequences.


3. Iceberg

The saying goes that you can only see 10% of an iceberg as the rest is hidden underwater. For all the visible work in Halfbrick products (mainly graphics and physics) there is just as much that is unseen (the planning, prototyping, testing, and analytics). The combination of the seen and unseen form the critically acclaimed games that Halfbrick is known for.

4. Wireframe

The lines in this concept can be confusing to read however there is power in the exploration. Depending on how the viewer perceives the lines to flow, different shapes, letters and forms can be seen. This includes both lower and uppercase versions of the letters h and b, plus various brick shapes. Players experience similar moments of discovery when playing Halfbrick games. Layers of game design become apparent through continued interaction. 

5. Besa

This design is the most youthful of the five concepts. It swaps the existing brick design for one based on besa bricks. In addition the "B" in the besa design resembles a Nintendo DS which is one of the platforms which Halfbrick released its products on.